I like to think about music as a journey suspended between Earth and Sky without boundaries... without roads defined if not from your feel...



The long way down to the roots - January 2015

After the artistic residence and the live premiere of the new Piano Solo at Cultural Center of Cascais-Estoril in Portugal sponsored by Fundaçao D.Luis II, the project will turn into a brand new recording session. 

 A tribute and, at the same time, an exploratory musical journey in the universe of African-American Grandmaster Duke Ellington through his compositions more intimist. Those that tell of his relationship with ancestral African roots wrapped in an imaginary set of ideas and suggestions.

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S


“...Il pose sa base rhytmique à la main gauche pour laisser la droite composer la musique en virevoltant d'une touche à l'autre… .”

Le Pays, France



“...Giuliani and his band have created a vivd and intense album that overcomes the limits of traditional musical bounderies; evocative and refreshingly aontrasting some super-polished jazz records."

All About Jazz, U.S.



"...la musica colpisce subito per la precisione e la pulizia delle esecuzioni e per l'incisione realizzata magistralmente curando con attenzione il più piccolo dettaglio."

Corriere del mezzogiorno, Italy


April 2, 2015

The  Afrikhan Jazz Duo


Bari - Italy

E V E N T S​





April 9, 2015

The Afrikhan Jazz Quartet


Bari - Italy





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